Aerospace & Defence

  • BWT 


    A world leader in Aircraft ultra-lightweight low pressure air distribution systems using proprietary Rigid, Semi rigid and flexible materials.
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  • Cenco International 

    Cenco International

    Cenco International is the SAFRAN group‘s Center of Excellence for Aero Engine Test Solutions.
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  • Cibred Sud 

    Cibred Sud

    Cibred Sud operates in Defence, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Transport and Industry where it designs and manufactures equipment systems and services for pressurization, dehydration, power supply and automation
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  • Creuzet Aeronautique 

    Creuzet Aeronautique

    Creuzet Aeronautique (Lisi Aerospace) is a special processes manufacturer who is capable of innovative solutions for existing products aiming at improving general characteristics, saving weight and significantly reducing cost compared to classical solutions
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  • Dunlop Aircraft Tyres 

    Dunlop Aircraft Tyres

    With over 500 approvals, Dunlop Aircraft Tyres can supply tyres for over 300 different types of aircraft in the civil and military aviation market
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  • EADS SODERN Division 

    EADS SODERN Division

    The company is the worldwide manufacturer and provider of attitude sensors (star trackers, earth sensors, etc.) and has also developed extensive expertise on Space Instrumentation (Earth Observation, onboard Scientific Instrumentation, etc.,…)
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