Aerospace & Defence

  • Cibred Sud 

    Cibred Sud

    Cibred Sud operates in Defence, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Transport and Industry where it designs and manufactures equipment systems and services for pressurization, dehydration, power supply and automation
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  • Creuzet Aeronautique 

    Creuzet Aeronautique

    Creuzet Aeronautique (Lisi Aerospace) is a special processes manufacturer who is capable of innovative solutions for existing products aiming at improving general characteristics, saving weight and significantly reducing cost compared to classical solutions
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  • Sodern - Ariane Group 

    Sodern - Ariane Group

    The company is the worldwide manufacturer and provider of attitude sensors (star trackers, earth sensors, etc.) and has also developed extensive expertise on Space Instrumentation (Earth Observation, onboard Scientific Instrumentation, etc.,…)
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  • Hi-Temp Insulation 

    Hi-Temp Insulation

    Hi-Temp Insulation, Inc. provides the Aircraft, Missile and Space Industries with the most innovative designs and the very best products used to solve thermal and acoustical problems.
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  • Hutchinson Aerospace 

    Hutchinson Aerospace

    From long and mid-range airliners to regional and business jets to fighters and troop transporters, Hutchinson Aerospace is present on all aeronautical markets. The group is a preferred partner for Airbus, Boeing and the world’s largest manufacturers.
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  • JPR 


    In the aeronautical market, JPR® is a recognized as a specialist in the creation of parts for aerodynamic sealing systems and silicone profiles and seals, with or without textile inserts and reinforcements.
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