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Hutchinson Aerospace

Hutchinson Aerospace

A partner of major manufacturers

From long and mid-range airliners to regional and business jets to fighters and troop transporters, Hutchinson Aerospace is present on all aeronautical markets. The group is a preferred partner for Airbus, Boeing and the world’s largest manufacturers.

Complementary skills
Hutchinson Aerospace’s expertise responds to a wide variety of needs: Sealing Systems, Fluid Transfer Systems, Vibration, Acoustic and Thermal Insulation, Stealth technology, Visualization and Transmission Systems, among others.
From the cockpit to the engines, from the wings to the fuselage, Hutchinson Aerospace products are everywhere on the aircraft and are known for their effectiveness.


Aerospace Sealing Systems

The Sealing Systems Business Unit specializes in the study, design, development and manufacture of components or assemblies based on elastomers meeting the requirements and standards in force in aerospace industry. The Sealing Systems Business Unit offers its clients seals, diaphragms, molded parts, molded profiles and molded sections for the aircraft industry. Simulation and CAD software is used to provide quick and appropriate responses to our clients' expectations.



• Electromagnetic shielding seals
• Flat seals
• Reinforced silicon seals
• Diaphragms
• Molded parts
• Molded profiles


Company Location: France.