Aerospace & Defence



    For over 80 years, ECA Group’s highly skilled personnel have been designing, developing, supplying and supporting robotic systems worldwide. These, as well as training simulators, remotely operated systems and special equipment, support the Homeland Security, Special Forces, Naval, Land and Air Force domains. ECA Group provides a complete range of solutions in all operational environments. From Remotely Operated to Unmanned and Autonomous vehicles.
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  • Safran Aerosystems – Parachutes & Protection 

    Safran Aerosystems – Parachutes & Protection

    Safran Aerosystems – Parachutes & Protection is a world leader in the field of recovery and deceleration parachutes and is a major supplier of numerous Armed Forces in the world.
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  • Safran Aerosystems – Elastomer 

    Safran Aerosystems – Elastomer

    Safran Aerosystems – Elastomer, a world leader in the Elastomer Technologies & Systems, produces a wide range of high tech products made of fabrics : flexible fuel cells, de-icing systems, flexible tanks, composites parts and elastomer products which cover various fields of applications in the Aerospace, Defence and Commercial sectors.
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  • Barry Controls 

    Barry Controls

    Vibration Isolation and active noise control systems
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  • BWT 


    A world leader in Aircraft ultra-lightweight low pressure air distribution systems using proprietary Rigid, Semi rigid and flexible materials.
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  • Cenco International 

    Cenco International

    Cenco International is the SAFRAN group‘s Center of Excellence for Aero Engine Test Solutions.
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