Aerospace & Defence

  • Lauak 


    Aerospace detailed parts, sub assemblies and aircrafts structures. Sheet metal forming, Structural and assemblies, Machining, surface treatment and painting. Fuel tanks, fuel system piping, Heat Exchangers.
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  • RICA 


    Starting in 1992 Rica has been present in the Space Sector and became one of the most important manufacturer of heaters with ESA 4009 and ISO 9100 certificates. Rica proposes Flexible heaters (Etched Foil) for Aviation and Space markets.
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    SERMAT was founded in 1976 to design, develop and manufacture electromecanisms dedicated to very demanding fields of Aerospace, Military and Space, and Industry where specific performances or environments are required.
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    Siemens Aerospace – Aircraft Smoke Detection Systems (Formally Cerberus).
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  • Leonardo 


    Leonardo is a global player in Aerospace, Defence and Security, a trusted long-term partner of choice for governments, institutions and private customers, delivering cutting-edge and dual-use technologies, for the protection of people, territories and infrastructures.
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  • Thermo EST