Optics & Electro-Optics

  • CohuHD 


    Cohu is a high-value, solutions provider for critical, sensitive environments with focus on providing the most reliable, rugged, outdoor PTZ cameras in the market. Their IP, High-Definition Helios cameras, combined with powerful megapixel lens optics, are capable of seeing much farther than traditional HD camera systems, operate up to +74 degrees Celsius, and carry the highest shock and vibration specifications in the industry.
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  • Kopin 


    Kopin is the leading U.S. manufacturer of ruggedized micro-displays for military applications with over 250,000 display systems fielded. Kopin’s demonstrated expertise in electro-optical design and development combined with our high volume production capabilities are battlefield proven. All higher level assemblies are manufactured in a class 10 clean room environment providing image quality you can trust.
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  • Lheritier 


    Since 1981, LHERITIER has allied conception, development, and production of colour and B/W Cameras (Low light level, HDTV, Intensified, Day/Night mono-channel, Mega-pixel) and Vision Systems of very high performance.
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  • NIT 


    New Imaging Technologies (NIT) is a French fabless CMOS specialist offering standard and customized CMOS imaging sensors, ROIC and camera/module based on its patented Wide Dynamic Range WDR technology.
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  • Sofradir 


    Sofradir is the number one developer and manufacturer of a key class of infrared (IR) detectors for military, space and industrial applications. It specializes in cooled IR detectors based on a sophisticated high performance technology, Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) to which the InSb, InGaAs and QWIP technologies are now added. Its vast product portfolio of scanning and staring arrays covers the entire infrared spectrum
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  • ULIS 


    ULIS a world leader in uncooled IR imanging sencors, addressing Thermography, Surveillance, transportation and Military applications.
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