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CyberDisplay LCDs

Consumer and military products require increasingly higher resolution microdisplays, a trend that bodes well for Kopin's compact CyberDisplay '3 LCDs.
Kopin's products are the world's only transmissive LCDs that use high-quality single-crystal silicon transistors. They have the world's highest pixel density, allowing the sharpest resolution for their size. CyberDisplay LCDs are manufactured in a broad range of resolutions, including a high-definition TV
resolution display comparable in size to a postage stamp.
Using optical magnification, however, the CyberDisplay microdisplays can produce large, vivid images equivalent to those generated from an LCD TV. In addition, CyberDisplay LCDs are the microdisplay of choice for advanced night vision goggles and thermal weapon sights used by the U.S. Army.


Company Location: Massachusetts USA

Website: http://www.kopin.com/