Optics & Electro-Optics



Neptec Technologies develops and manufactures innovative 3D perception products (LiDAR) for the Robotics and Autonomous Systems market.

Neptec Technologies Corp. has multidisciplinary teams with extensive R&D, manufacturing and commercialization expertise to focus on developing products that solve real-world customer problems in terrestrial markets. NEPTEC solutions comprise a family of obscurant-penetrating laser scanners (OPAL™) and 3DRi™ (3D real-time intelligence) advanced software tools that enable autonomous robotic operations through automatic change detection and object recognition and tracking functions. Together, these ready-to-use “building blocks” make it easy to integrate intelligent real-time 3D perception applications for mobile platforms and static applications for monitoring and measuring parameters in harsh environments.

Company Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Company website: http://www.neptectechnologies.com/