ACS - Environmental Test Chambers


ACS is world-famous since 1952 for its design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of environmental test chambers, including high-tech test equipment such as high vacuum chambers for aerospace applications and calorimeters; Kenosistec is specialized in vacuum equipment for thin film deposition using PVD and PECVD technologies.













The range of chambers includes:

  1. Temperature and RH Test Chambers - Discovery My (Universal Use, Stability Test E models, Environmental Stress Screening ES and ESS models)
  2. Temperature and RH Test Chambers - DY Compact series
  3.  Flower® T & RH Test Chamber: “ecology in testing”
  4. Thermal Shock Test Chambers
  5.  Modular Walk-In Chambers
  6.  Vibration Test Chambers
  7. Corrosion Test Chambers (DCTC)
  8. HALT & HASS (UHS) Chambers
  9. Altitude Test Chambers
  10. Solar/Photovoltaic Module Testing Chambers
  11. Custom Chambers:
  • Thermal Vacuum Chambers
  • Calorimeters
  • Sand & dust test chambers
  • Rain test chambers
  • Solar light test chambers
  • Battery test chambers
  • Ex-proof chambers
  • Walk-in chambers to test big specimen (vehicles, photovoltaic modules, satellites antennas, etc…)
  • Combined high performance test chambers (temperature, RH, vacuum and vibrations)
  • "Rolling Bench" climatic chambers
  • Climatic wind tunnels

ACS products find applications in many industries like:

  • Electronics;
  • Automotive;
  • Military;
  • Aeronautics and aerospace;
  • Plastic and rubber materials;
  • Big Science.

Company Location: Italy