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Electro Impulse Laboratories

Electro Impulse Laboratories

Manufacturing Engineers of OEM custom and standard Closed Loop Cooling systems, Fluid Transfer equipment, High Purity Liquid Coolers, RF Dummy Loads, RF Calorimeters and related products. Complete Manufacturing and Engineering Services are available for custom or standard equipment.
Electro Impulse Laboratory, Inc. is a leading supplier of specialized cooling equipment to the electronic and military industries.
Electro Impulse cooling systems serve a wide variety of applications from spacecraft support to cooling electronics in a pod under an aircraft, to cooling a laser used in a light show. In addition, we have a line of RF products including dummy loads and calorimeters. Other units are used to cool medical and industrial imaging equipment in hospitals and mobile installations. Electro Impulse products are in use worldwide. 
Registration to ISO 9001:2008 Certificate Number 09.222.1


Company Location: New Jersey, USA.



Electro Impulse system on Iron Dome platform